Large, white SATCOM antenna against a starry night sky

Advancing SATCOM antennas to support a new generation of satellites

Viasat offers proven GEO, HEO, LEO, and MEO antennas for broadband constellations

SATCOM equipment in a testing chamber

Industry-leading antenna systems with innovative RF design

Viasat’s solutions optimize antenna performance and manufacturability

Only Viasat can provide the limited and full motion antenna systems that support high-capacity broadband SATCOM in GEO, HEO, LEO, and MEO orbits. Our in-depth experience in gateway antennas, VSAT networks, and full motion sensing solutions for Earth observation, coupled with our extensive Ka-band capabilities provide a solid foundation for supporting multi-constellation networks and intersatellite communications.


      A broad set of capabilities:

    • System design
    • Antenna manufacturing
    • System integration
    • Installation
    • Service

      A wide range of applications:

    • Commercial communications
    • Military SATCOM
    • Broadcast uplinks
    • In Orbit Test (IOT)
    • Telemetry, Tracking, and Control (TT&C)

      A robust portfolio of solutions:

    • GEO, HEO, LEO, and MEO orbits
    • 2.4m to 13.5m turning head and full-motion solutions
    • X-, Ku-, Ka-, Q-, and V-band frequencies
Two large, white gateway SATCOM antennas pointed at a light blue sky at dusk

A heritage of evolving SATCOM gateway antennas

Viasat delivers high-speed data for commercial and government customers around the world

Did you know we were the first to develop the full ITU Ka-band microwave components using high-volume manufacturing processes? Viasat’s full suite of SATCOM equipment and solutions can been tailored to support specific network requirements, while maximizing performance and efficiencies to meet new evolutions in space.

Downloadable datasheets

  • 2.4m Ka-band Earth station antenna datasheet

    .pdf (381 KB)

  • 3.7m Ka-band LEO Earth station datasheet

    .pdf (132 KB)

  • 4.1m Ka-band Earth station antenna datasheet

    .pdf (152 KB)

  • 4.5m Ka-band Earth station antenna datasheet

    .pdf (404 KB)

  • 7.3m Ka-band Earth station antenna datasheet

    .pdf (320 KB)

  • 9.1m Ka-band Earth station antenna datasheet

    .pdf (303 KB)

  • 13.5m Ka-band Earth station antenna datasheet

    .pdf (323 KB)

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